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I don't think you're ready for this jelly.

The idea for Spread arose when we noticed a growing population of homeless people in our beloved city of LA. With so many hungry neighbors, our founders started making PB&J sandwiches to pass out around town. The sandwiches were such a hit, our founders decided to turn their act of kindness into something everyone could contribute to.


With that, Spread was born.


The concept is simple, build the PB&J sandwich of your wildest imagination, and we'll make one to donate too. We offer enhancements on traditional peanut butter and jelly like an array of fruit, berries, nut butter, jam, in addition to some more adventurous (but still delicious!) ingredients like pickles and potato chips. Our food is entirely organic and everything is churned, baked, and prepared in-house. You'll work with a sandwich artist to create your dream PB&J. 


For every sandwich sold, Spread pledges to donate a sandwich to someone in need.

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From peanut butter to potato chips!

The possibilities are endless at Spread and whatever you choose, we'll give one away too.

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3512 Clark Street,

Venice, CA 90291


Mon. to Thur. 10am - 6pm

Fri. to Sun. 10am - 8pm

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